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Mock Trial

Mock Trial at Clark Magnet High School

Mock Trial 1-8 Course Information

GavelClick here for information regarding our Mock Trial 1-8 course and for information on the application process

Mock Trial is a year-long course for students in grades 9-12.




     Mock Trial Application Process and Forms:

     To apply for Mock Trial, students must complete the following steps:

      1. Complete a Student Application Form and submit by the deadline indicated on the Application Form 

      2. Select two teachers to complete the Teacher Recommendation Form. 

      3. Deliver the recommendation form to each of the two teachers.  The teachers will be instructed on submission process. The student does not submit the Teacher Recommendation Form, but the student is responsible for giving the teachers the form to complete.


Online Mock Trial Application Form (for incoming Clark students only)

  • Rising 9th graders or transfer students may complete an online application following all the requirements listed on the form

Download Mock Trial Application (for all current Clark students applying for Mock Trial)

  • All current Clark students applying for the following year's Mock Trial course must submit a hard copy of the Student Application Form to Mrs. O'Gara 
  • Two Teacher Recommendation Forms must also be submitted.  The Teacher Recommendation Form must be given to the teachers by the students, and the recommending teachers will submit the completed form to Mrs. O'Gara.  

Mock Trial and the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF)

  • Mock Trial, and the case we try for competition, all ties to the CRF program.  Read more about the Constitutional Rights Foundation here.Constitutional Rights Foundation





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