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In order to publish the magazine, the staff sells advertising at a variety of prices, including year-term contracts. Due to concerns over excessive paper inside the magazine itself, the staff does not allow inserts as a form of advertising. Under no circumstances will the staff accept obscene, libelous, or inappropriate advertisements. The following topics are inappropriate: drugs, alcohol, adult-related material, and anything else illegal for minors. Advertising rates are set each year. Click here for the current year's invoice.

The magazine will publish four issues each school year. Discounts are available for multiple-issue commitments and for larger advertisements. For three or more advertisements, you will receive a 20% discount off the total price. If you purchase two ads you will receive 10% off total purchase price. All advertisements are tax deductible (Tax Exempt ID #95-6001464).

Ad Prices/Sizes

Full Page on Back (7½ x 10): $200

Full Page Inside: $150

Half Page Horizontal (5 x 7½): $75

Quarter Page (3¾ x 5): $50

Business Card (2 x 3¾): $25 

Online ads may also be placed on the Chronicle's website. Price list:

Add $5 if you want ad to be first/highest in position (this only applies if multiple ads are on site). Prices are for 60-day placement on website.

Contact the Publications Adviser at (818) 248-8324 for more information.

View and print an ad invoice by clicking here.

  • $20 for 300 X 250 IMU (medium rectangle)
  • $15 for 250 x 250 IMU (square pop-up)
  • $10 for 180 x 150 IMU (rectangle)