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General Updates and Information

After School Tutoring Available -  The schedule will be updated after school starts on 8/17/22. 

On Campus and in person. Transportation home is on your own – no bus service.

Summer Work Permits:

If you need a work permit for summer or if your current work permit is expiring on June 13 you will need to download an application. Once you, parent/guardian and employer have completed the application, you will need to email it to for processing along with a copy of your Student ID card. The GUSD CTE department will be issuing summer work permits. Please DO NOT send work permit inquiries or requests to Ms. Margaryan or Clark as we  WILL NOT be issuing work permits in the summer.

Work Permit Application: Download Here

Permits will only be granted if you are currently working as proof of employment is required.


Work Permits - School year and before the end of May annually:

WORK PERMIT REQUESTS will be processed on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Issuing work permits takes time and is not an immediate, on-demand process. If your work permit is about to expire, it is your responsibility to plan ahead and submit your completed work permit application to Ms. Margaryan on Monday or Wednesday of each week. In order to be processed, your application must be signed by you, your parent/guardian and your employer. Incomplete applications will be returned. Note: Permits are issued based on satisfactory attendance and grades. The permit will be revoked if a student violates the terms by working during the school day. If you turn in a work permit on Monday you will receive it on Tuesday. If you turn in a work permit on Wednesday you will receive it on Thursday. Work permits received on a Thursday or Friday will not be processed until the following week. Work Permit Application: Download Here.